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Matroosberg at 2249m, is the highest peak in South Africa’s Western Cape. It is situated on a privately owned farm/nature reserve and is well known amongst the 4X4 fraternity as there is a challenging 4X4 route to the top. In early January I traveled to Matroosberg with Andrew & Harald in search of butterflies for the South African Butterfly Conservation Assessment (SABCA). Matrooseberg is situated about 30 mins from Ceres.
The terrain was rugged and the track for serious 4X4s only.

We found a number of species of butterflies including:

The very commom Meadow White Pontia helice helice – a mating pair.

Rock Skolly Thestor petra. An uncommon but drab species living at high altitudes. This one was at 1911 m.

Uranus Opal Chrysoritis uranus

Protea Scarlet Capys alphaeus.

There were other interesting insects:

Antlion, probably Pamexis karoo.

Carpenter Bee Xylocopa caffra.

While it wasn’t peak flower season, there were still lots of interesting & colourful species:

An Everlasting Syncapha sp.

Queen Protea Protea magnifica.


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